The Great Hall

Nestled in the beating heart of Toronto's West End, the Great Hall stands as an architectural gem, seamlessly blending Victorian splendor with a contemporary interior, fashioning a space of unparalleled elegance and historical resonance
Cultural evolution since the 1980s
Embracing its roots as a hub for artists and musicians since the vibrant 1980s, the Great Hall is a living testament to Toronto’s cultural evolution and history.
The venue was host to some of the earliest basketball games ever to take place in Canada, home to the fraternity of Royal Templars, the center stage of the 1929 mayoral debate, and served as temporary housing for refugees during World War Two before it became the center for Polish emigration. Later it was a hub for Toronto’s bustling art scene and more recently it serves as a premier venue for musicians and artists.
The Great Hall will transform for the 2024 Candidates, dedicating its space to the top world players and creating an atmosphere where chess can be easily played and celebrated.

Beyond the hallowed playing hall, the venue will feature a vibrant fan zone and a dedicated commentator area. As in grand operas and plays, the spectators will have the unique opportunity to follow the games live from the balcony.
In this grand setting, where the echoes of bygone eras meet the intensity of modern chess, the 2024 Candidates tournament is poised to become another memorable milestone in the history of this great building